Gamer’s Career ‘Snowballed’ After £10K MrBeast Tip

Gamer's Career 'Snowballed' After £10K MrBeast Tip

A young gamer’s life was transformed after receiving a £10,000 tip from YouTube megastar MrBeast, leading to an impressive monthly income of £25,000.

Life-Changing Encounter

Tom Gardiner, also known as ReniDrag on YouTube, started his streaming journey in 2017. Hailing from Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf, the then-18-year-old received a life-changing donation from MrBeast in 2021. This act of kindness set Gardiner on a path to success, turning his hobby into a full-time career.

MrBeast’s Challenges

MrBeast, known for his extravagant giveaways, randomly jumped into Gardiner’s live stream, initially donating £700 and challenging him to find a diamond in Minecraft within a minute. After successfully completing this challenge, MrBeast donated another £2,000 for creating a portal. In total, Gardiner received £10,000 from MrBeast, who documented the donations in his own video.

Career Transformation

This exposure and support from MrBeast inspired Gardiner to pursue YouTube full-time. With now half a million followers, Gardiner earns up to £25,000 a month from streaming, allowing him to take his family on holidays and buy things many his age couldn’t afford. He shared with the BBC, “I felt so lucky. Honestly, YouTube has changed my life.”

From Hobby to Profession

Gardiner had always been passionate about editing and making videos. Even in secondary school, he enjoyed creating content, not caring about viewership. After MrBeast’s donation, he focused on his YouTube career, working hard to make it a success. “Before then, it was pocket money, something to do on the side. MrBeast’s connection didn’t give me much exposure, but it gave me the boost. And it snowballed from there.”

Financial Success

Gardiner’s income peaked at £300,000 in one month, although he maintains a responsible approach to his earnings. “I like to think I’ve been responsible and put most of it away. You never know what the future holds and I could never take this for granted,” he said.


Tom Gardiner’s story illustrates the impact that a single act of generosity can have on a person’s life. Thanks to MrBeast’s donation and challenges, Gardiner transformed his passion for gaming into a lucrative career, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with dedication and hard work.

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