MrBeast’s Proposal To Elon Musk: Gift Tesla Cybertruck to YouTuber Marques Brownlee, Internet Reacts with Excitement!

MrBeast's Proposal To Elon Musk: Gift Tesla Cybertruck to YouTuber Marques Brownlee, Internet Reacts with Excitement!

Popular YouTuber MrBeast, known for his entertaining challenges and philanthropic efforts, recently used the platform X (formerly Twitter) to make a plea to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. MrBeast requested Musk to consider gifting a Tesla Cybertruck to fellow American YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

MrBeast has been in the spotlight recently, thanks to the announcement of upcoming projects set to launch in December. He’s urging his followers to turn on notifications to stay in the loop about these exciting developments.

MrBeast Urges Elon Musk to Gift Cybertruck to Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, professionally known as MKBHD, is an American YouTuber and accomplished ultimate frisbee player. Widely acknowledged for his tech-centric videos, he also takes on the role of host for the podcast ‘Waveform’.

Currently, Marques Brownlee’s primary YouTube channel boasts an impressive 17.9 million subscribers and approximately 3.89 billion total video views. On his recent birthday, Brownlee posted a photo on X with the caption, ‘Chapter 30 🎂’.

MrBeast chimed in, proposing that Elon Musk should gift Brownlee a Cybertruck to celebrate the occasion, stating, “I think to celebrate Elon should give you a cyber truck.”

Fan’s Reaction To MrBeast’s Comment

A user suggested MrBeast to collaborate for a video with Brownlee and wrote, “The two of you should do a joint Cybertruck challenge video – crossovers are always fun!”

Another user wrote, “If elon gives one cyber truck mr beast will giveaway 100 cybertrucks to people that engage with this tweet this is not a drill this is a reply contract lol.”

A user stated, “No freebies from Elon (he already mentioned in earlier podcasts), not even family – if you want a Tesla, buy a Tesla.”

Another user commented, “You’ll give a random $10K/day but to celebrate his birthday you’re asking @elonmusk to give him a gift .”

Next what would be the response of Elon Musk for the MrBeast’s suggestion?

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