MrBeast Expresses Surprise at FaZe Clan’s Low Market Value Calls On Rug To Buy Him!

MrBeast Expresses Surprise at FaZe Clan's Low Market Value Calls On Rug To Buy Him!

Renowned YouTube sensation MrBeast found himself in awe after learning about the staggering market value of FaZe Clan, prompting him to encourage fellow members like Rug to consider acquiring the organization.

With his subscriber count recently crossing the remarkable 200 million mark, MrBeast solidifies his position as the preeminent YouTuber of our time.

MrBeast Expresses Surprise at FaZe Clan’s Low Market Value

Amidst his meteoric rise to fame, MrBeast has amassed considerable wealth, deploying it to craft top-tier videos, at times investing millions into a single production.

Nonetheless, the YouTube community was taken aback on October 16th as they witnessed the publicly disclosed market value of FaZe Clan, leaving them in a state of surprise.

In response to a Dexerto report indicating a remarkable 25% surge in FaZe Clan’s stock price following their triumph at the Halo World Championship, prominent YouTuber MrBeast issued a direct call to action.

As MrBeast said: “Does that say it’s worth 17M? @FaZeRug couldn’t you just buy faze at this point? Lol”

Rug even responded too, calling on MrBeast to help him out and go halves on buying the organization. “Let’s go 50/50,” he replied, adding a laughing emoji.

He urged his fellow content creator and FaZe member, Rug, to seriously consider acquiring the esports organization, a move that has garnered significant attention within the YouTube and gaming communities.

Fans Response

Fans indulged in playful speculation regarding the prospect of MrBeast taking on the mantle of FaZe Clan ownership, with the tantalizing notion of him eventually gifting the esports organization in one of his signature YouTube videos.

Though the actual acquisition of FaZe Clan by MrBeast appears improbable, it is undeniable that the YouTube luminary holds a deep affinity for the gaming world.

In fact, he is actively exploring entry into the esports arena by venturing into the creation of his very own League of Legends team.

Let’s see what would be the next step of MrBeast.

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