MrBeast Amazed by Mr. Olympia Derek Lunsford’s Posing: “Lunsford’s arm size is more massive than my entire body”

MrBeast Amazed by Mr. Olympia Derek Lunsford's Posing: "Lunsford’s arm size is more massive than my entire body"

MrBeast, the widely recognized American YouTuber renowned for his dynamic video content, extravagant giveaways, and quick-witted humor, encountered an unexpected pause during a gym session when he crossed paths with Derek Lunsford, the 2023 Mr. Olympia.

On December 14, 2023, Derek Lunsford shared a video on his YouTube channel featuring MrBeast’s reaction to Lunsford’s physique just a few weeks before Lunsford clinched the Mr. Olympia title.

You have more muscle in one arm than my entire body.

You have more muscle in one arm than my entire body.

You can check out MrBeast’s response in the video below:

Physique Of Derek Lunsford’s

The video featuring Derek Lunsford and MrBeast was filmed prior to the 2023 Mr. Olympia, which occurred in early November. Before revealing his physique, Lunsford and MrBeast made a deal: if Lunsford became the first-ever multi-division Olympia champion by winning gold in both the 212 and Men’s Open categories, they would train together.

They sealed the agreement with a handshake, and Lunsford went on to secure the title in Orlando, FL, defeating Hadi Choopan. It was MrBeast’s first encounter with a Mr. Olympia competitor in person, and his reactions to Lunsford’s muscular physique matched the intensity of Lunsford’s impressive striations.

“Trying to get as low [body fat] as possible…keep the size of the muscle…the shape of the aesthetics…and the detail.”

Lunsford guided MrBeast and his crew through various bodybuilding poses known as “mandatories,” which are standard poses expected from competitors by the IFBB.

They started with the front relaxed pose, where participants flare their arms and lats while creating a vacuum effect in the abdominals. Following that, they moved on to quarter turns, showcasing the physique from each side and the back. One member of MrBeast’s entourage shared a comment during this process.

During this, MrBeast inquired about Lunsford’s daily calorie intake. Lunsford, who was just about 12 days away from the Mr. Olympia competition, revealed that he was consuming very few calories to reduce body fat as much as possible in preparation for the significant event.

MrBeast and his team were astonished by the information. When they inquired about the time it took Derek Lunsford to build his impressive physique, the future Mr. Olympia champion revealed that his journey in bodybuilding commenced at the age of 15. Now, half a lifetime later, Lunsford stands as the top-ranked bodybuilder in the world.

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