Kris Tyson Joins the Charlotte Hornets and Embraces Basketball Fever

Kris Tyson Joins the Charlotte Hornets and Embraces Basketball Fever

In an unexpected turn of events, internet sensation Kris Tyson, known for his association with MrBeast and his love for unique challenges, has taken an exciting leap into the world of professional basketball.

Tyson recently made waves on social media when he announced his affiliation with the Charlotte Hornets, a move that has garnered significant attention and admiration from fans of both Tyson and the Hornets.

Kris Tyson’s Social Media Announcement:

On his Twitter account, Kris Tyson (@username), made the thrilling announcement, saying, “I’ve never played basketball but I like the @hornets jersey colors and also the fact that they eat @Feastables!!” The tweet quickly caught the eye of his followers and fans, sparking curiosity and excitement about his newfound passion for basketball.

Tyson’s Humorous Touch:

In a follow-up tweet, Tyson added a touch of humor by stating, “They let me be the ball girl.” This humorous remark not only showcased Tyson’s lighthearted personality but also hinted at his intention to immerse himself in the world of the Charlotte Hornets in a unique way.

Karl’s Playful Response:

Kris Tyson’s tweets did not go unnoticed, especially by his friends and followers. One of them, Karl (@KarlUsername), couldn’t resist poking fun at Tyson’s new venture. He humorously quipped, “Nolan looks like I started a create a character in 2k and didn’t change anything yet.”

Kris Tyson’s Playful Retort:

However, Kris Tyson had a witty response ready for Karl. He replied, “Awww don’t tease Nolan. He can’t help he has default character model energy!” This playful exchange added an entertaining element to Tyson’s basketball announcement, showcasing the camaraderie among friends on social media.

Fan Love for Charlotte Hornets Jerseys:

Kris Tyson’s decision to align himself with the Charlotte Hornets also drew immense admiration and love from both his followers and Hornets fans. Many users and Tyson’s followers flooded social media with supportive messages, showcasing their excitement and appreciation for Tyson’s bold move.


Kris Tyson’s unexpected entry into the world of professional basketball with the Charlotte Hornets has added a new dimension to his ever-evolving career. With his trademark humor and enthusiasm, Tyson is sure to bring his unique charm to the court as he dons the Hornets’ jersey. Fans eagerly await more updates on his basketball journey, and it will undoubtedly be an exciting ride filled with laughter and surprises.

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