How to Become a YouTube Star by Applying for A Mr Beast Video – Here Is how To Get on Mrbeast Show!

How to Become a YouTube Star by Applying for A Mr Beast Video - Here Is how To Get on Mrbeast Show!

Applying for a MrBeast video and becoming an online sensation has become a possibility for many. In this article, we provide comprehensive insights on how to seize this opportunity and take your place in the world of YouTube stardom.

How to Get on Mrbeast Show!

Complete Online Forms: You can fill out forms on MrBeast’s website or through other online platforms to express your interest in being part of his videos. MrBeast’s team is actively looking for participants now.

Apply for a Casting Call: MrBeast often holds casting calls for participants in his videos. You can find these casting calls online and apply to be a part of his content.

Check for Reality TV Show Applications: MrBeast has a reality TV show with a $5 million cash prize on Prime Video. Keep an eye out for applications for this show to participate in it.

Follow His Social Media Channels: MrBeast might announce opportunities to be in his videos or shows through his social media channels. Keep an eye on his accounts to catch any new updates and opportunities.

How to Join MrBeast’s Casting Calls

How to Become a YouTube Star by Applying for A Mr Beast Video - Here Is how To Get on Mrbeast Show!

The most effective way to join a MrBeast video is to submit an application directly to his open casting calls. Interested applicants should visit the official MrBeastCasting Instagram page, where a linktree in the bio will guide them to the application page.

Additionally, the linktree includes job applications to be part of MrBeast’s creative team, offering opportunities for the production team to appear in his videos.

However, applying doesn’t guarantee immediate participation. Previous contestants have mentioned waiting months before hearing back, and it’s unclear whether all applicants will receive a response.

Try Out for MrBeast’s Amazon Prime Game Show

If the wait to participate in a MrBeast game show on YouTube seems too long, you can explore opportunities to join his upcoming Amazon Prime Video show, “Beast Games.” This show will feature 1,000 participants competing for a $5 million cash prize, with escalating challenges in each episode.

While application details haven’t yet been announced, rest assured that the casting call will be widely promoted by Amazon. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates to secure your spot.

Make a Guest Appearance

If you have a significant following on social media, you might increase your chances of being featured in one of MrBeast’s videos in the future. MrBeast regularly collaborates with other channels and influencers, either through podcasts or as co-hosts in his game shows. Engage with him on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok to boost your chances.

Having a viral moment involving a MrBeast meme, such as YouTuber Skitzy’s portrayal of “Fake MrBeast,” can also increase your visibility.

Who Is MrBeast?

MrBeast, is a renowned YouTuber who is famous for hosting viral game shows that typically involve substantial cash prizes. His channel is on the verge of becoming the most subscribed on YouTube. His other channels also boast the prestigious YouTube gold plaque.

MrBeast’s competitions are open to everyone, regardless of age or background, provided they fit his criteria for a specific video. Participants have the chance to engage in his “Squid Game-like” competitions, including contestants ranging from one to 100 years old, ensuring there’s little barrier to joining.


Aspiring to become a YouTube star through a MrBeast video requires both persistence and creativity. Whether applying for his casting calls or trying your luck at his Amazon Prime game show, there are numerous paths to explore. If you already have a strong social media presence, take advantage of potential collaborations and engage with MrBeast on social media to catch his attention.

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