F1NN5TER Sad Response To Twitter’s Trending Selfie Quoting!

F1NN5TER Sad Response To Twitter's Trending Selfie Quoting!

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F1NN5TER (pronounced Finnster), or simply Finn, is an English gaming YouTuber who primarily produces Minecraft videos and Twitch Streamer also. He is also known for dressing like an ‘e-girl’ and trolling people on the internet.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Twitter has often been at the forefront of viral trends and hashtags.

From viral challenges to political movements, Twitter’s platform has given voice to a multitude of causes and conversations. Among these trends, one recent phenomenon has caught the attention of users and sparked both admiration and critique: the trend of “selfie quoting.”

This trend involves users, primarily individuals identifying as female, quote retweeting a picture of themselves in cosplay or other visually striking outfits, accompanied by a clever or humorous caption.

F1NN5TER Sad Response To Twitter’s Trending Selfie Quoting

Zack, a Twitter user, recently expressed his fondness for this trend, despite acknowledging its often frivolous nature. His tweet caught the attention of F1NN5TER, a prominent figure in the Twitter community, who responded with an honest admission that, as a male, he cannot participate in this trend.

F1NN5TER sadly responded: “i’m not a girl so i can’t do this trend”

Fans Response to F1NN5TER Tweet

A lot of Responses was very good to him.


Ultimately, the impact and longevity of the selfie quoting trend will be determined by the users themselves.

Now lets see what would be the next response of F1NN5TER to this?

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