Counting the Cost: MrBeast’s $100 Million Car Door Spectacular!

Counting the Cost: MrBeast's $100 Million Car Door Spectacular!

In a recent video titled “$100,000,000 Car Doors,” popular YouTuber and philanthropist, MrBeast, took his viewers on an exciting journey through a jaw-dropping collection of luxury cars from his latest video ‘$1 Vs 100,000,000Car’.

However, one particular vehicle left him and his audience baffled – a $100 million Ferrari, which, as it turns out, was among the first of its kind and posed a perplexing challenge when it came to opening its doors.

MrBeast’s $100 Million Car Door Video

With an air of nonchalance, he casually opened the doors of cars worth one million dollars, two million dollars, and even ten million dollars. But the real mystery awaited him when he reached the staggering sum of $50 million.

At the $50 million mark, MrBeast found himself perplexed. The car in question, believed to be a rare and priceless gem, had no door handles in sight. Puzzled and hesitant, he couldn’t figure out how to open the car door. This unique challenge left him wondering if the door could only be opened from the inside

The climax of MrBeast’s adventure was the grand reveal of the $100 million Ferrari, a truly iconic piece of automotive history. As he approached the vehicle, he uncovered the astonishing fact that it was among the very first Ferraris ever made. This vintage masterpiece came with a door-opening mechanism that defied his expectations.

The Mystery Unveiled

MrBeast’s exploration of the $100 million Ferrari unveiled the secret behind its seemingly elusive doors. Unlike modern cars with conventional handles, this classic Ferrari had a unique mechanism that required opening from the inside. This revelation added a layer of complexity to an already enigmatic vehicle.

The fact that this Ferrari was one of the earliest models produced by the iconic Italian carmaker added significant historical value to the mystery.

It served as a stark reminder of how far automotive engineering has come since the inception of the brand, highlighting the evolution of door mechanisms in luxury automobiles.


MrBeast’s adventure with the $100 million car door left viewers captivated by the world of luxury automobiles and the hidden intricacies of vintage vehicles.

The experience showcased not only the opulence of these incredible machines but also the evolution of automotive engineering over the decades.

In the end, MrBeast’s journey through this extraordinary collection served as a testament to the ongoing fascination with luxury cars and their capacity to surprise and amaze even the most seasoned car enthusiasts.

The $100 million Ferrari, with its unconventional door-opening mechanism, remains a symbol of automotive history, mystique, and innovation.

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