Mixed Feelings: Mr Beast's Car Gift 

By Bobby & Mina

May 28, 2023

MrBeast's "Act of kindness" car gift sparks mixed reactions due to possible commercial motive.

According to a caption on the TikTok post, MrBeast, appeared to be sitting at a restaurant speaking to his server, who was called Amy. 

“Amy, what’s the biggest tip you’ve ever received?” Donaldson asked, with Amy saying it was around $50. 

Donaldson handed her a set of keys and asked, “Has anyone tipped a car? 

The server questioned whether Donaldson was being serious, so he took her outside and showed her a black Toyota that he said was her “brand new car.” 

A sticker on the side of the car had the word “Feastables” written on it. The logo for Donaldson’s main channel appeared on the hood of the car. 

Commenters applauded the YouTuber for his “life-changing” tip and asked him to do more. 

Several users said that having the two logos on the car felt more like product placement than a genuine act of kindness. 

One person stated that she had to promote his company by driving the car. 

Meanwhile, other users defended Donaldson and his altruistic videos, with one saying they “don’t understand why people get so mad over him helping others.” 

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